The Benefits of Stealth Market

The Benefits of Stealth Market

 Why are stealth sites so effective at capturing and identifying leads?  

By driving traffic, initially, to a Stealth site, you overcome the many barriers of directing leads to a traditional, agent-centric website. A stealth site is consumer-centric, so instead of selling the prospect on you, they perceive the site as a neutral source of information that delivers what they are looking for without the concern of being “sold” before they're ready to be sold. Your Stealth Site will be unique to you because you will have your own domain name, for example, www."yourcity"

This type of site creates a comfort zone for the consumer and engages them to initiate a request. They readily give up their email and name in exchange for the valuable information they need, such as a CMA request or listing alert email. You then set them up with a CMA or recurring search of your MLS by email.

Once they "opt in" they are automatically entered into a lead database and immediately receive an email from you on beautiful stationery (we provide). An automated drip email campaign will send them follow up for the next several months, warming them up to you. 
Included with the Real Pro System are pre -written email campaigns. The drip email campaigns are invaluable. They allow you to stay in front of hundreds and eventually thousands of prospects with minimal effort. You only work with those leads that come forward. Of course, you can edit the letters as well as add additional ones or even create your own campaigns. All the letters go out automatically on the email stationery we create for you.

By handling the lead cultivation for you, you are free to go out and do what you do best.


"We are so very pleased with the Real Pro Stealth E-Marketing system that you set up for us.  Each day we are finding it more profitable and to be such great return on such a reasonable investment.  As we learn how to utilize the features we grow in our enthusiasm. 

We have a motto here and that motto is  'We can never have too many leads', and you guys are really helping us to generate more leads than we have ever had.  At a recent marketing conference I heard that I would need 50  E-leads to convert to one completed transaction - with the auto responder champaign's and the entire stealth system we are reducing that ratio considerably, by building relationships quickly with prospects that opt in for free information

....We have been generating about 175 - 200 new leads per month.  When I "do the math" I like the ROI numbers I get.  We are happy to share our story with anybody that wants more information contact me at   Thanks for all your great work and help

Jim d'Artenay
The Mills Team
La Jolla, California


 "I have seen my business grow to a point that I have had to hand out my overflow to three other agents. I know that it is because of your system and its ability to keep in touch with all the leads that have signed up to view or be emailed homes.  Best of all they think it is me that is personally emailing them, because my agents and I receive emails all the time thanking us or amazed that we are keeping in touch with them after two or three weeks."

Kirk G, RE/MAX
Virgina Beach, VA

"The stealth sites produced by Real Pro Systems are brilliant.  They are well designed from beginning to end and they work.  These sites enable Realtors to control and direct your marketing to increase the numbers of leads and ultimately, closed sales.  We are leveraging our stealth sites and getting between 1-7 leads per day on our automatic home search alone.  We love the system and the tangible results"

Jodi Bakst
Chapel Hill, NC

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