South Eugene Neighborhood

South Eugene Neighborhood

The South Eugene Neighborhood is bisected by Willamette Street and begins south of 29th Avenue. The 4j school district has some of the top-ranking schools in this neighborhood, making it an excellent choice for families.

The hills rise on either side of the valley, offering privacy in a wooded environment for those who would prefer the serenity of pine forests. Spencer Butte and the Ridgeline Trail are city parks with shaded trails that meander through the forests.

The Woodside Station shopping center, with an upscale grocery store, is conveniently located, as well as a Safeway and Albertsons.

Buses run along Amazon parkway and Wilamette, making it an easy commute to downtown Eugene.

Many homes in this area were built as planned communities with consistent zoning.

I am a long-time Eugene resident and know this neighborhood well, having attended the Edgewood Elementary and South Eugene High Schools. If you are looking to buy or a home here, go with an agent that knows this area best.

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