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Buyer Lead Generation

We can generate buyer leads for our clients using pay-per-click advertising techniques. We deliver a range of leads depending on the monthly budget you choose. Lead counts vary by season and area, rising and falling with the varying cost of online advertising and its auction-based price model.  

If you are a Platinum level client, you may choose either our ProLeads or Platinum Leads program.

What is the cost?
ProLeads has a one-time setup fee of $350 plus an on-going monthly budget of $150, $250, $350 or more per month.  The higher the budget level, the more leads we will be able to generate. We can generate a range of about 10-20 leads in your area a month for $150 advertising budget, depending on season and demand for Internet advertising, which affects the price-per-click.

Will ProLeads work with IDX Broker?
Yes, in most cases. If the fields in your MLS match the areas we advertise through the pay-per-click campaigns, then we can match the search criteria to a saved search for automatic emails only in our integrated IDX solution.

How will your programs get me leads?
We will ask you for the areas that you market in. Then we will customize an advertising campaign to target and attract buyers.  Methods used include (but are not limited to) Google AdWords, Overture Paid Listings, SEO, banner ads, and more. We use our own stealth site, which is very similar to yours for ProLeads and your specific buyer's stealth site if you are a Platinum level client. Please refer to this document for exactly how: Download .pdf about ProLeads.

Can Real Pro Systems Generate Leads with the Bank Owned Stealth Site?
Yes, we can generate leads for you using your specific bank owned stealth site, if you've purchased one. Please make sure you can deliver the list of bank-owned homes to the leads, either by setting a saved, email search or by creating a link to a saved search in the drip email campaign we provide.

If you add a second ProLeads account, the set up is half or $175. The key phrases would include the phrase "bank owned" properties." You have the same choice of monthly budgets: $150, $250, $350 or higher.

Platinum Leads
We offer lead generation for our Platinum clients as well. Here is a document that describes how. For those that wish to generate their own leads from outside sources I would note that, in many cases, we can funnel the leads into the Gold and Platinum System. Since lead generation is an optional add-on product, if you do not wish us to create buyer leads with the Platinum System, we ask you to sign a waiver form. Please contact us to see if there's availability in your area.

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