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Here is a link to a PowerPoint of the top 50 online marketing ideas published on Welcomemat Blog and presented  by Jamie Glenn from Trulia. You can watch his presentation on Inmann TV below.

Here are some tips successful agents have shared with us over the years for marketing with our system.

Stealth ad
Branded ad promoting stealth site
FSBO stealth site ad

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Stealth Marketing Example

Business Cards

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Postcards from templates we provide:

Postcard Example for Real Pro Systems Stealth Marketing

 Stealth marketing Example

 Stealth marketing example



Use our HTML Criag's List ad creator to advertise your featured properties:


  Newspaper Ad

You will get the best lead quality by advertising your stealth site URLs and the service they offer. Here are some ideas:

Add the URLs to your current advertising with lines such as:

"Get a daily email list of homes for sale as they hit the market. Go to www.yourbuyer'"

When advertising listings, "Not the home you're looking for? Go to for a daily email list of homes."

"Thinking of selling? Get a complimentary, approximate valuation by email, without speaking with an agent, at"

Advertise in the paper, on postcards, perhaps with recent sales tables, on all your flyers targeting both buyers and sellers (for neighbors who take the flyers), on your business card, etc. Try unbranding your ads for even better results. How about splitting the ad space on a display ad in magazines such as Homes and Land? One half is branded, promoting a property, the other half promotes the stealth site services.

Internet advertising on search engine results pages is especially effective if you advertise the service, rather than your branded website. Use a simple call to action and link it to your stealth site.

Your Real Pro Systems Back Office has marketing tips and templates for marketing pieces. The coaching calls we offer also address effective advertising.

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You can "embed" video into our pages by using the long URL video hosting sites often provide in the "embed" box.  This is an example of Inmann Connect's video of the opening remarks: 



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