So many companies are cutting costs to survive and one of the first places to go is service and support. I have been asked if we waive or steeply reduce our set up fees and our general manager responds with this blog post on our corporate site, "Why We Don't Give Away Software."

Here's an excerpt:

...Lately, agents considering our solutions have reported that a couple of competitors selling what used to be more expensive systems are now offering to waive the setup fees entirely. Naturally, these agents have then asked us to also waive our setup fee. While you can’t blame them for trying, our answer is “no.” Desperate times may call for desperate measures, but thanks to the loyal support of our agents we are doing quite well, and we have a sustainable business model."

We aren't taking any shortcuts on customer service. "Nothing short of extraordinary..." a client writes us. Read on:

"Hi Gwyneth,

Let me say that my experience with Real Pro Systems and the creation of my new website has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The training and customer support is outstanding.  RPS is constantly on the cutting edge and evolving.  I look forward to the new enhancements forthcoming."


Caine O'Brien continues in his blog post:

...If you are considering doing business with us, we ask you to think about how important it is for your vendor to be available, reliable, and sustainable. And if you are tempted by dramatically reduced fees from another provider, ask yourself where that money is coming from. It is very likely coming out of the development department, the production department, or the service department. And that could cost you a lot more down the road.

Real Pro Systems isn’t the cheapest nor the most expensive solution out there; we just offer the best value by far. It seems to be working."