We are so pleased to have announced yesterday the acquisition of Real Estate Masters Guild, the independent source for real estate agent education, coaching, networking and support. The move reinforces Real Pro Systems' ongoing strategy of broadening its offerings to provide the most comprehensive set of services in the industry. We now offer regular coaching as well as the Workshop event coming up in Oct. 6-8th in Reno  

Please contact me for more details on coaching and/or the workshop in Reno.

You may recognize founder Amy Stoehr's name from her years running Howard Brinton's coaching program for Star Power Systems. She has excellent credentials and is a certified coach for all aspects of your business and life.

Our first Mastery Workshop under the acquisition is Thursday, Oct. 6th through Sat., Oct. 8th and includes a Real Pro Systems User Group session on Thursday.

The powerful lineup of presenters includes:

  • Sanjeev Aneja
  • David Burke
  • Tim Burrell
  • Jana Caudill
  • Julie Garton-Good
  • Greg Gorman
  • Galand Haas
  • Linda Hall
  • Martha Hendrick
  • Kristal Kraft
  • Michael Krisa
  • Rob Levy
  • Beth Mason
  • Linda McLean
  • Sam Miller
  • John Morley
  • Sandra Nickel
  • Roger Perkins
  • Marcie Roggow
  • Ira Serkes
  • Stacy & Michael Spickes

Mastery Workshop V offers timely and relevant content that includes:

  • Listing to LIVE
  • Re-Invent Yourself for Multiple Income Streams
  • How to Transition Your Operations to the CLOUD
  • Bloggers’ and Video Bloggers’ Workshops
  • Building the Ultimate Team
  • Becoming a Short-Sale Buyer Specialist
  • Being Leading Edge vs. Bleeding Edge
  • Living With NO Excuses
  • Post THIS, Not THAT –essential guidelines for social media
  • Discovering PEACE
  • Stump the Mentors

Not sure about whether coaching would benefit your business? Watch this video: