I love that our company is staying one step ahead of our clients by offering today the tools real estate agents will need tomorrow.

Our new Integrated Facebook Business page is the brainchild of co-founder Joe Lininger, who worked with Galand Haas, Rob Levy and our excellent team of programmers and designers.

Our whole goal is to get people to become a fan of or "Like" your business so your posts end up on their Wall.

Try it out:


For a one-time fee of $295 we will:

  • Match the look and feel of your website with a unique Welcome experience for new fans
  • Integrate two lead capture forms, which will send a lead notification email and connect with your Real Pro Systems database, providing a new path for your fans to become active leads.
  • Program a rotating properties slideshow which will be updated automatically with your active listings, if you wish.

If you're not a client we offer a "stand alone" version of the product where we'll match your website look. 

We now offer special package pricing on an agent website system that includes both Facebook Business Page and RPS VideoMail products with RPS Gold if you are new to Real Pro Systems.


Here's more detail on how it works:

We add the Business page into your existing Facebook account after you add us as administrators and create a blank page.

We create the page, matching your website, and set up the integration with the Real Pro Systems website that will drop your leads from the lead capture forms on the Facebook pages into the back office and drip email campaign(s).

You direct people to the page via email marketing, posting on your other wall to direct them there with a URL. If they aren't yet a fan, they will be welcomed with the page we create. When they become a fan and "Like" your business page, the Welcome page is not presented anymore - that's the way Facebook works - but it's available to be linked to directly or by clicking the "tab" in Facebook's menu.

Continue to post status updates on your Business Page Wall - which is specific to business and separate from the Wall seen by your friends.