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No Whining. Comment on a great blog post.

Active Rainer Ralph Nudi wrote an excellent post in the Tech Corner group praising "stealth sites."  Rather than simply adding a comment to his post, I decided to post here in hopes that it will attract more readers to his post.  I recommend that everyone wanting to market is or her services read Ralph's post.

Here is my comment on his valuable post:

You Da Man, Bubba!

For those reading this, please note that I do not sell Web sites, nor do I position Web sites.  I do head the Allen F. Hainge CyberStars(r), a group of 200 top agents, not techies, from 4 countries who use today's technology to dominate their markets, and I learn from what they do.  I have also reviewed over 300 Web sites as part of my CyberStar(r) Site Evaluation Service.  I am also one of only 6 instructors nationwide who teach the CRS 206 technology class.  All of which goes to say that I've learned a little something about what works on the Web, and I couldn't agree with you more.

First, there is nothing unethical about stealth sites such as yours, as some comments to your post have suggested.  Your stealh sites come, I believe, from RealProSystems.  They design their sites to meet the disclosure laws of the agent's state.  Nothing hidden or unethical, as you are identified at the bottom of the home page and each of the stealth sites they provide.  (For an example, go to, one of CyberStar(r) Rob Levy's stealth pages.)

(Disclosure: RealProSystems is a company founded and owned by two of my CyberStars(r), Rob Levy and Galand Haas.  Wish I was an owner, too, but I'm not.) 

Second, RealProSystems stealth sites really work. How do I know?  A large number of my CyberStars(r) started using them when they were introduced at our annual CyberStar(r) Summit three years ago.  The CyberStars(r) know what works and what doesn't....and they really went for the stealth sites from RealProSystems. They now list it as their fourth or fifth best money-making tech tool.

Why does it work?  Because it de-emphasizes the agent and thus removes the consumer's bigest fear:getting involved with an agent. Think like a consumer: the last thing you want to do is to get involved with an agent.  A stealth site makes this possible.  You fill out a form, you get automatic information (good information!) on a regular basis...and you contact the agent if and when you are ready to.

Third, I agree with your comment about those who are quick to criticize anything out of their comfort zone. You wrote:  "These people are generally resentful of innovators, producers, and of others that have ideas and attempt to put them to use."

Amen, Brother!  Back in my drinkin' days, I was one of the unsuccessful agents who resented the heck out of those who were successful.  I was a whiner filled with resentments, one of the "failure people."  I surrounded myself with other failures, and I was darn good at telling you why something wouldn't work....rather than just doing what the successful people did.  Why?  I guess it was the old, "Misery loves company" syndrome.

I remember bad-mouthing the top agent in our office.  Boy was he pushy!  I'd never treat people like he did, etc. I had trouble paying the phone bill.  He owned a wonderful home here in Reston and took his family on exotic  vacations several times a year.  Who was right?  I now realize that he was a businessman and that I was a whiner. Whining was my way of telling myself that I was right and that I had some value!

I remember when the first agent team appeared in our area, led by the top agent in our Association. You shoulda heard the criticism: "I'd never let anyone else show homes to my buyers," "My buyers would not want to work with an assistant," and on and on and on.... 

I finally learned, as you have, Ralph, that if it's more fun to be a winner, not a whiner.  If you want to be a winner, just do what the winners do!  They use, you use it, too.They spend time and money making their Web site a powerful consumer information tool, you should, too.  They use a moving truck: you should get one as soon as you can afford one..  They have great stealth sites; you get 'em, too!

I wrote another AR blog on the attitudes of those who, like I used to be, are less successful than their peers.  It dealt with those who didn't think they could take time off, and in it I wrote: "They are stuck in old ways of thinking, passed on to them by brokers and managers."  You can read the whole post here.

So, my friend Ralph, hang in there.  Continue to innovate.  Continue to experiment.  Continue to closely observe what market leaders to and follow their lead.  Continue to go to conventions to see what's new and what works.

That goes for the rest of you winners out there on AR, too! 

It's a beautiful evening here on the lake in Reston...hope it's a beautiful day/evening wherever you are, too! 

Over the past several weeks I have had several posts and comments on posts referring to my

Including How to handle FAKE leads (and the people that sent them)  and One of the BEST TOOLS - The STEALTH SITE

I can't say I am not surprised at the number of negative comments I have received from people saying that I can't or shouldn't do that. That it is unethical, or forbidden, or whatever other excuse they have.

Jim and GARY were both quick to say I was doing something wrong, and quote the bylaws. First of all, let me say I do appreciate their feedback, I think it's good that we have healthy discussion, that being said, if you have your broker name and state of licensure on the web page, you are good to go.

There are also those who say stealth sites and drip campaigns don't work any more. This simply isn't true. You have to be EXTREMELY POLITE with your follow up, and ask for permission for continued follow up, but if you do, you will create good prospects.

This is nothing new to me, anytime I do anything that gets results, I noticed there is a certain "doughnut eating" element of the real estate industry that likes to put down anybody else's ideas for fear they will have to get up off their chair and actually do something to earn their living. These people are generally resentful of innovators, producers, and of others that have idea's and attempt to put them to use.

I will be the first to admit, that most of my idea's fail. But than again the same can be said about most of EDISON's Ideas. Edison once said (I am paraphrasing and not quoting) "I didn't see the 9999 times that my lightbulb didn't work as failures, but as successes in learning yet another way that would not work"

When I first started working as a loan officer, I was criticized by real estate agents for helping FSBO's. I was told I was making it harder for them to get business by competing with them. The truth was... I was doing the opposite. I was generating and incubating leads for the few agents who were actually loyal to me. I had dozens of ideas and programs that I implemented, many of which I still use today. I was often surprised at how reluctant agents were to learn new ideas, or think outside the box. I became so frustrated that I got my real estate license to implement my ideas, originally thinking I would still generate business and give it to agents, who would in turn give me loans. I now sell more real estate than most of the agents I started out trying to get business from, and still in the real estate community both locally and here on ACTIVE RAIN, the masses look for reasons why idea's won't work.

I have learned that there are NO MAGIC SECRETS in real estate. I can share my idea's with everybody and it won't hurt my business or production at all for two reasons.

REASON #1 - People are LAZY. -  You can tell them step by step how to create a million dollar business, and even if it's a proven successful business plan, they will not put forth the effort to implement it.

REASON #2 - There IS enough business to go around! - Because of reason #1, there are only a few agents that will do what it takes to make it. They will do the same things you are doing whether you share information with them or not, and there is enough business for the good agents to all make a good living. Sharing will only speed up the process for them, and for you, as they also share their ideas.

 My stealth sites are ethical, comply with rules and laws AND are effective.

Here is a screen shot of one:


You will notice the disclaimer at the top of the page, giving brokers name and state of licensure.

Here is a bit of advice for any newbie, or anyone wanting to take their business to the next level...

Never take advice from someone who's rear end is the same shape as their chair. It' didn't get that way overnight.

Ingore the NAY SAYERS and the NERVOUS NELLIES and the DONUT EATERS in our business, and go out and make some money!