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Real Pro Systems is dedicated to the successful promotion and professional branding of each one of our member agents. In this competitive marketplace it is more important than ever to distinguish yourself from the competition and look your best. For more information on what Real Pro Systems can do for you, contact Tricia McCarroll at 541 743-8507, and discover a whole new way of doing business!


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    1200 Executive Parkway, Ste 400
    OR 97401 US

    Phone: 541-743-8507

    Hi, I’m Tricia McCarroll.  I’ve been helping Agents and Brokers with their online marketing systems for over 8 years. I gained my experience in this industry during a 9 year tenure with Advanced Access.  I have now joined Real Pro Systems because I believe that our superior products, services, and support are unmatched in this industry, and can provide the necessary tools for ANY real estate agent to find success on the internet.

     Since starting in this industry in 2002, I have watched the evolution of the real estate industry and the internet, and the challenges that Realtors have face during the past decade.   I have gained priceless knowledge helping Realtors meet these industry challenges, and as the internet continues to evolve, I am that that much more committed to my passion of helping agents with technology, websites, marketing, and Search engine optimization.

    I have been a SoCal girl my entire life, and currently reside in Costa Mesa, California.

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Tricia McCarroll
Real Pro Systems
1200 Executive Parkway, Ste 400
Eugene OR 97401
Fax: 541-743-8535


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